What data do you need and why?

We ask that you do your best to send this to us the first week of each month. We are obsessive about data, and we use discount and spending data for all Offline members each month to:

  • Produce monthly reports that we send to you  
  • Calculate your cost/profit per customer for the month 
  • Calculate and pay any Cost Sharing* with Offline

The aggregated data we need each month from your POS:

  1. Total members you gave the discount to
  2. Total discount amount given
  3. Total spend (including discount, pre-tax)

We are very happy and willing to help you out with this process if it’s too time consuming or difficult. Just let us know. This is usually possible by giving us temporary web dashboard access.

*Cost shares expire 30 days after the data is due. EX. If you have 100 members come in July, we need the July data by August 31st or that cost share will expire.

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