POS Guide: Clover

How to Set up Discount

Some account reps will create the discount if requested ahead of time. If it must be created on site: 

  1. Discounts tab -> Add new discount
  2. Enter discount name (Offline)
  3. Select “$ Off” to discount by a dollar amount
    1. Enter amount
    2. Click Add

How to Pull Data

  1. Go to Reporting-> Discounts-> Date Range (top left underneath “Reporting-Discounts”-> Custom Date Range (at bottom)-> Select start & end date 
  2. Collapse all Discount options except for “Offline Discount”
  3. Right-click to open an order in a new tab
  4. Under “Order Details” (top left) click “View Receipt”
  5. Receipt will show you subtotal and discount total (middle of page) and bottom of receipt will have Payment ID
  6. Copy down all three things a spreadsheet
  7. Sum all of the data and load into report

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