POS Guide: Toast

How to Set up Discount

  1. In Toast back end, go to Payments -> Discounts -> Add a Discount
  2. For both Discount Name and POS Name, choose “Offline” or “Offline promo”
  3. Choose button color
  4. Discount will default to active
    1. On the Discounts page, button can be de/re activated
  5. Settings
    1. Entire check… and if possible, apply to everything “except” alcohol
  6. Select Discount Type
    1. Fixed discount will apply only the Offer amount
    2. Open Discount is recommended to ensure discount isn’t applied to alcohol
      1. “Maximum Amount” can be set to ensure discount doesn’t exceed Offer
    3. Discount Reason can also be filled in for tracking discounts/bookkeeping
      1. Payments -> Discount Reasons -> Add Reason
  7. Discount availability: if Offer is only eligible during certain days/times, go to Availability option on Discounts page
    1. Fill in days/times if applicable
    2. If discount is available at all times, skip this step
  8. Hit Save -> Publish

How to Pull Data

  1. In Toast back end, go to Sales Summary
  2. Set the view to “Last Month” – or whatever date range you’re trying to get
  3. Click Discounts -> Select Discount Name -> See Details. You’ll give us:
    1. The number of people
    2. The total discount sum
    3. The total profitability or net sales
  4. Send this to your Account Coordinator via email! Please note: Offline will add the total discount + net sales to get the total spend and add this into your finalized data report.

Misc Notes

If you are using any type of "Open Discount" to apply multiple Offline offers to a single table/check, please let us know as the data reporting becomes a bit more difficult. We do not recommend doing this and instead, require members to split checks.

Contact Information 

If you're looking for more information about the Toast POS system, please reach out to the following contact. He can direct you who to speak with on the Toast team for whatever market you're located in.

Greg Nardo
District Manager, Sales - Raleigh, NC
(910) 382-4377

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