POS Guide: Aloha

How to Set up Discount

  1. In Aloha back end, go to Maintenance -> Payments -> Comps
  2. Name the comp
    1. Something like “Offline” or “Offline Promo” will work best
  3. Choose “Prompt for amount” on the Comp
    1.  POS will prompt for the comp amount when it is applied
    2. Check off “Maximum Amount” so amount applied cannot exceed offer
      1. Alternatively, amount can be left open to be able to apply more than one Offer’s worth to the check
  4. Check Eligibility tab to make sure it applies to all item
  5. Save -> Refresh 
    1. Note: This will refresh all terminals- doing so during service is not recommended

How to Pull Data

  1. With Aloha Insight:
    1. Go to Dashboard-> Reports ->Other Reports-> Comp Details 
    2. Select date range -> Run Report
  2. If there is no summary report option for the Offline comp:
    1. Set up and download reprinted receipts for each day as text files Download and transfer to a jump drive OR
    2. Send over files with all Offline receipts attached

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