Partner Setup Guide


  • Offline sends our subscribers to your spot each month
  • They tell you they’re a member, you check their Offline Member App, and you give them a one-time discount in your POS
  • You can report a problem Offline member, if needed
  • You send us POS data each month on the checks that have had the “Offline” discount applied
  • We provide you with a report of how the promotion affected your bottom line
  • We cover your costs if the promotion costs you money


Offline is a subscription service to your city. We connect our members to 1-2 curated local businesses each month, with the goal of helping members explore their city one month at a time, and partners acquire new, socially active customers. 

Who uses it?

  • We have 3,900+ active members across Raleigh (2,800+)  and Durham (1100+). 
  • We’re adding 150+ active members each month, mostly through referrals. 
  • Avg age: 30 | 78% female | Avg household income: $98k | 67% in a relationship.

What makes it unique?

Offline is the only service that combines:

  • A steady stream of new, quality customers month after month.
  • A boost of awareness on social media through member & Influencer posts.
  • A business model that allows us to not charge our partners.


Each month, our members receive their Offers via our Offline Member App on the 1st of the month at 6:30am. The Offline Member App contains their subscription content for the month. Here is an example link of what an Offer looks like in the Offline Member App:

Example - Wye Hill via the Offline Member App

Each Offline Partner will be featured to a group (subset) of our members each month via the Offline Member App in their target city until they cycle through all of our members in that city:

  • In Raleigh, partners are featured to about ~300 members/month, taking ~8 months to cycle through all members.
  • In Durham, partners are featured to about ~200 members/month, taking ~5 months to cycle through all members.
  • In Charlotte, partners are featured to about ~300 members/month, taking ~8 months to cycle through all members.

Each month, members get a credit (“Handpicked Offer”) to spend at your business. To our members, this feels like a gift card, but within your POS and P&L, it functions like a discount. Handpicked Offers have to be used during the calendar month that they’re received, can only be used once per member, and can only be used during one visit.

The combination of the requirement to use the Offer in one month with the “gift card” feel of the Offer leads 66% of our members to try something new in their city every single month.

When our Subscribers visit new partners, our subscribers have an opportunity to rate each partner. Partners will have an opportunity to rate "problem" Offline Members; partners would do so by using their own hardware/tablet/computer and following a link sent by Offline during the Offer onboarding process. This feature is unique to Offline and is a result of our commitment to quality within our community.


Offline sends members Offers through the Offline Member Mobile App (that launched in Oct. 2022). When members use the mobile app, THEY will actually do the redeeming on the app. We’ve done our best to streamline the interactions between our members and your team. Our goal is to add as much value as we can with as little operational headache as possible. 

Here is the simple Offline Offer redemption process:

  1. When the check arrives, our members will redeem their OWN Offer via their Offline Member App. The Offer is then dated & timestamped.
  2. The Offline Member shows their cashier or server a screen with the date & timestamp; this screen also includes their Name and Offline Member ID number.
  3. In your POS, you will press a discount button made specifically for Offline (usually partners will have this labeled as “Offline”), and present them with a check for the remaining amount.


Below is our NEW Offline Member App redemption flow that will launch in early 2023.


1. Ongoing staff training

It’s important to ensure staff are trained and ready to welcome new members each month. If you need specific materials to hand out/send, we’re happy to help create those for you. 

Are you a dine-in/sit-down restaurant? We recommend writing the Offline Member's name on credit card slip or cash check to be able to go report the Offline Member if something like a low tip or bad experience happens. 

2. Honest reporting of our problem members

You will have the opportunity to rate individual members who you deem as "problems" via a link Offline will send you during the onboarding process.    

All other partners are also reporting members if they have a negative experience, and if we find that some members are consistently disruptive, disrespectful, or behaving outside of Offline Member Code of Conduct, we will ultimately suspend their membership. 

Reporting an Offline Member is 100% anonymous (i.e., a subscriber can’t see what a business rated them), and they ensure that our Offline members are the types of customers that you’d want to become regulars. We can only uphold our quality standard if all of our partners are reporting problem members honestly. 

3. POS data (member transactions only)

We ask that you do your best to send this to us the first week of each month. We are obsessive about data, and we use discount and spending data for all Offline members each month to:

  • Produce monthly reports that we send to you  
  • Calculate your cost/profit per customer for the month 
  • Calculate and pay any Cost Sharing* with Offline

The aggregated data we need each month from your POS:

  1. Total members you gave the discount to
  2. Total discount amount given
  3. Total spend (including discount, pre-tax)

If you’re unsure about how to get data out of your POS, we can help out or send you one of our data guides. We are very happy and willing to help you out with this process if it’s too time consuming or difficult. Just let us know.

*Cost shares expire 30 days after the data is due. EX. If you have 100 members come in July, we need the July data by August 31st or that cost share will have expired.


1. Offer delivery to a subset of quality members

We will deliver your Handpicked Offer to a group (subset) of our members each month. These are members who are vetted, members that want to go to the restaurants of your category, in your location and of your dining type.

Our members have all opted in to a Code of Conduct that you can read about in detail here, and have been continuously rated by other partners to ensure that you’re not getting any "problem" members.    

2. Offline Data Concierge service

Someone from our team will work with you to collect all of the necessary data we need from your POS system to generate your Monthly Partner Report.

3. Monthly reporting

Your Monthly Partner Report consists of 3 parts: 

  1. A summary of customer visits, cost or profit per customer, customer behavior data, and aggregate ratings from our users
  2. A marketing summary of any social media posted by our members that we were able to capture from that month
  3. A link to a list of comments from members that month

4. Cost sharing

If necessary, we will cover any Net Costs with you each month. Examples are provided later in this packet. 


Each month, we will ask you for the aggregated data, enter it into a report, and send you a link to view that report.

Click here to view an Example Partner Report.


1. Humans will procrastinate

The natural tendency of most people is to wait until the last minute to do something. For Offline, that means that the majority of our members will come over the last 10 days of the month. 

For example:

  • ~300 members receive your Offer**
  • ~198 will visit during the month (66%)
  • ~139 will come during that last 10 days (70%)

**Numbers will be different for your offer.

2. You will see a lot of discounts on your P&L

The first month that you run Offline, it may be a little jarring to see the total discounts given by the end of the month. Trust us, we understand! 

There are a few keys to remember:

  1. Almost all of the customer that we’re sending you would not have come in that month if it weren’t for Offline. These customers are also driving an increase in sales without impacting your labor cost or overhead. Many of our partners end up profiting on each customer, and those who don’t usually run a cost of $0.50 – $2.00 per customer.
  2. We are obsessive about the numbers, and once we crunch your POS data, we will be delivering you a report showing your trust cost per customer. See below for how we calculate.  

We know that Offline’s cost structure is very different from most other marketing, and we’re always happy to walk through any questions or concerns that you have as an owner, general manager, or staff member. 

3. Two or more members will sometimes use Offline together. 

This is good! Many of our members go out with spouses, partners, friends, etc. who are also members. Sometimes it’s a date night or a chance to see a friend and catch up, but when our members use Offline together, they are usually enjoying their experience with you even more because they are in great company. We believe that great experiences create repeat guests, and that includes who you’re out with. 

From a financial impact perspective, whether members are solo or in a group, all of their spending data will be rolled up into our monthly reporting for you to see the net effect. 

4. Most of our members will spend money, and most of them should tip well. 

We take this pretty seriously!

All of our members must agree to our community Code of Conduct in order to become members, and that Code of Conduct sets expectations about spending and tipping. We also included recommended tip %’s in our newsletters to remind members that they need to tip on the pre-discounted bills. 

Please help us maintain a great community by reporting our problem members. These reports are 100% anonymous to our members. 

Since each business is different, it takes about 1 month of data to get a baseline for how our members are spending and tipping compared to your current customers. If there are any issues, we are always ready to come up with a plan to address them going forward.

5. If tipping is an issue, please reach out to Offline.

When Offline Members receive a bill that they cannot tip on OR can easily miss the pre-discounted total, tipping can become an issue. We can work with you to ensure your POS is set up to calculate the bill based on the pre-discounted amount. Please reach out to us for help!

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