How does the Offline Member App and redemption process work?


Offline sends members Offers through the Offline Member Mobile App (that launched in Oct. 2022). When members use the mobile app, THEY will actually do the redeeming on the app. We’ve done our best to streamline the interactions between our members and your team. Our goal is to add as much value as we can with as little operational headache as possible. 

Here is the simple Offline Offer redemption process:

  1. When the check arrives, our members will redeem their OWN Offer via their Offline Member App. The Offer is then dated & timestamped.
  2. The Offline Member shows their cashier or server a bright blue confetti screen with the date & timestamp; this screen also includes their Name and Offline Member ID number.
  3. In your POS, you will press a discount button made specifically for Offline (usually partners will have this labeled as “Offline”), and present them with a check for the remaining amount.

What does the app look like before an Offline Member redeems their Offer?

A blue button will appear at the bottom of the Offer that says "I'm Ready to Redeem". The Offline Member then clicks the button to redeem while they are at the partner's restaurant. 

How can you tell if a member redeemed the Offer when they show you their app? 

If the member redeems the Offer before they talk to the server, it will show the date/time of the redemption in their app on the main screen and at the moment they hit it. They are then promoted on a second screen to show their server/cashier their Offer redemption. 

Below is a video of what it looks like to redeem a member that is using our mobile app. 

Below is a video showcasing the new confetti feature! This is the most important screen for your staff to view. Make sure they are paying attention to the date and timestamp.


Below is our current Offline Member App redemption flow with a short video of the process in real time.

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