Online Ordering Setup with Toast

Menu Item + Linked Discount Setup

You'll set up a special menu item and link a discount to that item so members can follow this process to place an online order. 

  1. Add a menu item called “Offline Member” and set its description to: “If you are an Offline member, add this item to your cart and add your full name and Offline ID to the “special instructions” field.”
  2. Set up a discount code for your offer amount that works when the “Offline Member” menu item is in the cart. (We will provide you with the discount code name).
  3. When someone places an online order, check their Offline ID with our redemption app.
    1. If the Offline ID is good, redeem the member on our iPad and complete the order.
    2. If the Offline ID is NOT good, call the member to ensure they entered the correct ID and have the right information. If it is invalid, you can cancel the order or add the extra $ to it. 

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